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Warrior Pointe Inc is a not for profit organization. We have filed for our 501c3 and are awaiting approval from the IRS. 

Warrior Pointe was organized and founded by Veterans, Active Duty Military & Spouses in the beginning of 2013. The concept of Warrior Pointe is simple. Warrior's Helping Warrior's. The idea of it is this, just because our enlistment ends, does not mean our obligation to our war fighter family is. Our goal is to unite all current and past war fighters. Regardless of which branch you served, or what era you served in. If you raised your right hand and swore to serve this great nation then you are part of Warrior Pointe. 

There are many issues facing the War Fighter community. With over 30 million veterans and many more still in service in the United States armed forces we make up a large voting block. There are many issues facing the war fighter community. Suicide rates, VA medical care, un-employment VA benefits & homeless vets just to name a few. The time has come for the war fighters past and present to join together under one organization. Through unity we can make a difference. Its time to find solutions to these issues and stop throwing money at them. 

Join Warrior Pointe today! There is no cost to join, there are no dues. We as a community can and will make a difference!

Reed Pacheco 
Warrior Pointe

About Us
Here is what we are about. Thank you to our supporter Max Martini for the support of the warfighter community!